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Of Sex Tapes and Vera’s leaked Texts, here are this week’s top entertainment stories


This week Ali Kiba’s kid brother Abdu Kiba found himself in a tight spot after he allegedly uploaded a sex tape on his official Snapcaht account. Vera Sidika also revealed in leaked texts that she has been turning down offers from Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide.

Here are this week’s top trending entertainment stories.

  1. Vera Sidika

Comedian Shaffie Chemasuet popularly known as Ajaabu comedian revealed how his efforts to feature Vera Sidika on his skits have proven difficult.

Speaking to a local publication, Ajaabu narrated how the controversial socialite asked to be paid ksh. 300K just to appear in the short skit

In a series of leaked texts Vera told the comedian how she has turned down Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide for two years in a row.

“I’ve declined even being in Koffi Olomide’s music video for 2 years now. And last week, J blessing called to ask me again that he wants me in it.” she said

Long story short, Ajaabu comedian gave up pursuing Vera for the business deal.

  1. Savara Mudigi’s bae

Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi broke hearts on Wednesday after confirming relationship with Yvonne Endo.

In a recent post on social media, Savara shared a photo of him and Yvonne Endo enjoying some quality time.

The two have been rumored to be an item since 2018 but have never confirmed if they are indeed an item.

The singer simply captioned the image “Social distancing”

  1. Abdu Kiba’s sex tape


Ali Kiba’s kid brother Abdul Kiba popularly known as Abdu was at the center of controversies after his sex tape leaked online.

Abdu, a singer just like his brother, was forced to break his silence regarding the tape  saying that someone is out to soil his name.

According to Abdu, his phone was recently stolen and he suspects that the thief uploaded the video from his phone.

“Nilipoteza simu na kwa kuwa nina familia, huwa siweki password kwenye simu yangu. Huyo aliyeiba ndiye amepata urahisi wa kuposti video ili aniharibie,” Abdu Kiba said

The 32-second video started doing rounds last weekend after it was uploaded on Abdu Kiba’s official Snapchat account before it was later deleted but not before netizens downloaded it.

In the short clip video, which has since gathered over three thousand views on the pornhub, a young man with his face hidden, purported to be Abdu Kiba, is seen lying completely naked on a bed playing with his monkey while a completely naked lady lies dead asleep beside him.

  1. Huddah Monroe’s crush on Nyashinski

Socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that she was among the ladies who were hurt by Nyashinski’s decision to settle down.

According to Huddah, she was really hurt when news broke that the ‘Lift me up’ singer got hitched to Zia collections founder.

While speaking to her friend Bridget Shigadi, Huddah also revealed that she had a crush on Nyashinski.

“I was disappointed when he got married, I had a crush on him!” she said

  1. Mama Diamond and Tanasha’s car

Last week, Tanzanian blogger and Diamond’s friend Juma Lokole alleged that the reason Tanasha did not take the Toyota Prado when she left Diamond was because the car is not registered in her name.

According to Lokole, both cars that Diamond unveiled during the great Gatsby birthday party (Tanasha and Mama Dangote’s joint party) were registered under Sandra’s name.

Days later, Diamond’s mum ignited the same conversation online after sharing photos of her using the said car.

“MAMA DANGOTEE….?????ACHANA NA MIGUU MIREFU ANGALIA” she captioned the photos

Fans immediately argued that the car is the same one that was gifted to Tanasha last year.

Moments later, Diamond came out to appreciate the mum saying that she’s went through a lot raising him.

“Kula Maisha mamaangu, Umepata tabu sana kunilea hadi leo kufika hapa…furaha yangu ni kuona unafurahi.” he said