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Oga Obinna Shames women for hiding kids from Baby daddies



Comedian Oga Obinna has given his two cents regarding deadbeat parenting.

The comedian who seems to be angered by the matter, took to social media to call out women who opt to hide their children from their fathers just because the relationship went south.

According to Obinna, so many children live thinking they have dead beat fathers while in real sense they were hidden from their fathers.

“So many kids grow up thinking they have a deadbeat father….whole time, all they really had was a very bitter mother” wrote Oga Obinna

Obinna also revealed that he knows three celebrities who have been denied access to their kids by their baby mamas.

“For those kids who grew up hating their fathers and those mothers who are currently denying their baby daddy’s a chance to see their kids out there take heart. Some Ladies are doing great injustice to their babies thinking they are hurting the dad. I know at-least 3 celebrities who are going through a such situation and so I’ve decided to share this here to whom it may concern. I know so many responsible fathers who have been exposed as dead-beat just coz society is biased and lacks facts so boychild always suffers the humiliation in blogs and social media. You are Hurting your Child woman.If you are a Deadbeat dad..SHAME ON YOU!! If you are such a mother who denies their baby daddy a chance to see their child because of your ego..  SHAME ON YOU. One day your own child will despise you. If you are a good father and is being denied their child Take heart if life allows one day you will explain to a mature lady what really happened” he added