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Former Tahidi High actor Dennis Mugo commonly known as OJ has celebrated two months of being sober after years of battling alcoholism.

“I am two months sober. It was a process and I had to go through it the hard way in terms of losing so much that I had already achieved” He revealed.

True to his words,OJ has traveled a rocky path in his bid to quit alcohol.He saw his fledgling career in acting slip from his hands,he was unable to keep his young family due to heavy bingieng and also wasted his fortunes.

At one point, photo’s of OJ in his drunken stupor littered the internet captured at backstreet drinking dens. Through his past podcasts ‘Aki Si Poa’, the former actor disclosed having started smoking cigarettes in form two and drinking alcohol in form three-and not just drinking, OJ drunk anything and everything.He followed a crazy mantra then ‘Bring it, I’ll drink it’.

“Nakumbuka nilianza kuvuta fegi nikiwa form two, three apo ndio nikaanza kunywa pombe” said OJ.

OJ with his baby mama Lyn Shiko

Battled Depression.

OJ’s sorry state drove him to depression,he couldn’t picture himself in a downward spiral as his friends seemed to be making great moves.

“Do you ever look at your friends and you get jealous… Depression ilinigonga a good one, I could cover it all with alcohol, smoking” He stated then.

Dropping a bad habit like alcoholism and smoking is not an easy task,sometimes engaging professionals through rehabilitation centers ensures one’s recovery to sobriety.

For OJ to celebrate two months without having a sip it truly shows that he’s determined to win in his battles with the bottle and claim his spot at the top.

It’s better to have a little progress than no progress at all.

By Steve Osaka.


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