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OJ reveals how alcohol addiction almost ruined his career

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Former Tahidi High actor OJ says that he became an alcoholic after leaving the show terming the addiction as his dark side.

The actor says that he knew he was an alcoholic when he could not work or think properly without having a taste of alcohol.

“This is the dark side of my life and alcoholism got the better part of me. The truth is you ingia a club then everyone is paying your bills and that kind of mentality got the better part of me. I knew I was addicted when I could get to the office and I need a drink just to think. My Boss tells you niaje I need a creative idea for a certain product and all I could think of is I need a drink,” said OJ.

He also added that his boss and workmates never knew he was addicted to alcohol because he learnt how to control his addiction.

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“They did not know about my problem and that is how I managed to work to the company till date. But where I am I am at a place I can control my drinking and that is how I was able to hide my addiction from my bosses and work mates,” he added.

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He also insisted that he will not be back to the screens acting because he was always annoyed with people referring to him as the character in the show.

“I am back to the screens but not as an actor but I am actually behind the scenes, but I will not be back in front of the screens because it is so annoying to be called a character that is actually the opposite of what you are in the real life,” OJ said.

The former actor also said that he is now directing shows that are being aired on mainstream media.

By Emmaline Owuor

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