In what what turned out to be a shameful and disgusting turn of events, the much hyped up professional boxing fight between Kenya’s Rayton Okwiri and Uganda’s Kassim Ouma in Kampala on December 26 was cancelled.

Reason? The promoter had not deposited the boxers’ purse with the Uganda Professional Boxing Commission. That’s normally the procedure but rarely effected by African promoters.

While Ouma had already entered the ring, Okwiri refused to do so without prior payment. And then came the rain which was blamed for the cancellation.

Efforts to get a comment from the promoter were unsuccessful. He didn’t pick up calls or answer Whatsapp messages.

Ring analysts are of the opinion if the promoter is serious and sincere, he should deposit the purse with Uganda Professional Boxing Commission and reschedule the fight for this week failure to which he should be kicked out from pro boxing promotion.

What’s even more irritating is the marathon card preceded by lousy supporting bouts most of which were totally unnecessary and at best a financial burden to the promoter.

The Kampala circus is a typical example of the shoddy manner pro boxing is organised in Africa. You wonder what’s the job of the commissions in allowing such promoters waste the time of boxers.

And if boxers are not paid, the other problem is delay in their payment but the promoter is still allowed to continue taking boxers for a ride and soiling the image of pro boxing instead of being de-registered. This unprofessional conduct must be stopped now.

December 27, 2022

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