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Ommy Dimpoz On Why He Has A Strained Relationship With His Father

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz has opened up on why he has a strained relationship with his father.
While celebrating his birthday, Dimpoz advised parents to pay attention to their children and shower them with love, something he said he missed from his father as he grew up.
The singer was forced to address the issue after his father approached a Tanzanian media house decrying lack of support from his son.
“As I celebrate my birthday I have a message, and my message leans mostly on parents which directly affects me as it touches on my father. The most important thing you can a child is love care whether you have money or not, that is the only thing I lacked in my life,” he stated.
Dimpoz narrated losing his mother at an early age and having to endure a tough life alone despite his father being alive.
He insists that the experienc made him believe that children born out of wedlock were not regarded in society.
“I don’t have anything I can credit to my father not even a book. My father has like 15 children all of whom he has brought up but I was seen as an outsider. I have not had any closeness with my father so I don’t know him much,” he adds.
The singer says that his main reason for not supporting his father was because they have not been close for a long time. He hit out at media houses that were giving his father a platform to paint him in a bad light.
“I know you are using my father to create content for yourselves and it is, in turn, tainting my reputation so please use this information to educate parents who neglect duties. So if my father is complaining of a hard life, he should know I also lived a hard life so if he intends to use me to better his life he will not,” he stated.
Dimpoz clarified that he does not hate his father, he respects him but was not going to associate himself with him.
By Stella Anyango.