In Summary

  • One died while three hospitalised following explosion
  • Police immediately cordoned off the scene
  • Red Cross evacuated the casualties to Kenyatta National Hospital


Three near fatal casualties have been reported after a gas explosion occurred on Monday, August 14 at the Eastleigh area in Nairobi.

In a tweet, the Kenya Red Cross revealed that the gas explosion was reported to have occurred at Ibgaro House near Madina Mall in the busy area.

“A gas explosion has been reported at Ibgaro House near Madina Mall in Eastleigh. Nairobi Red Cross Action Team has been activated.So far three casualties have been evacuated to KNH (Kenyatta National Hospital),” the tweet read.

Kenya Red Cross in another yet update revealed that the scene of the blast was cleared after the situation was contained through coordination by the National Police Service (NPS) and the Nairobi Fire Brigade.

Unidentified Body

A middle-aged woman was killed in the incident after she was hit by an object as she escaped from the scene of the explosion at about 4 pm, according to police.

Scene of explosion photo/courtersy

Eastleigh OCPD Francis Kamau confirmed the incident stating that explosion was a result of leaking gas in the building which exploded after a person tried to light the gas.

Kamau noted that a team from the bomb disposal unit arrived at the scene and assessed the damage, adding that there was no cause for alarm as the situation had been contained.

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He further stated that police commenced investigations into the incident with a view to unearthing the cause of the explosion.

” I would like to dispel information being spread around that there was a bomb inside the building. The explosion was as a result of a gas which was responded to immediately.” he clarified.

Kamukunji Member of Parliament (MP) Yusuf Hassan expressed his deep sadness following the loss of the woman whose identity remains unknown, as well as the three individuals who were hospitalised with serious injuries.

“My heartfelt condolences go out to the family of the deceased, and I sincerely wish a swift recovery for those who are injured,” he tweeted.

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