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One on One with Gengetone group Mbogi Genje: Sheng redefined


Gengetone Group Mbogi Genje have finally explained some of the toughest words in some of their songs.

The group which consists of three childhood friends Smady Tings, Militant and Guzman have dominated airwaves since releasing their first song whose language confused many Kenyans.

Mbogi Genje was born in Nairobi’s Umoja area with just two members, Militant and Smady who first begun rapping as kids and were later joined by the group’s last born Guzman.

The group’s leader Smady says they are known as a gengetone group but they are not strictly focused on the genre.

“We don’t just sing gengtone we have done dancehall, hip hop and many others. Our music was basically inspired what we’ve been through growing up as well as what we witness everyday.” he said

So what about their sheng? Is it a new wave of sheng? Militant says their words are common sheng with a slight twist and it is just that many people do not get it.

“We look for words that suit our personality because we want to do something that is good. We don’t want to do ordinary things.” he said

Mbogi Genje now says they have received such a positive feedback in their new found fame and are eagerly waiting for Covid’s curve to be flattened so that they can get shows.

They recently held a meeting with Nairobi governor Mike Sonko who gifted them with a Macbook, some cash for their business and even promised to set them up in an office where they can conduct business from.

“We met, told him all our issues so he gave us some cash and a laptop and promised to help where possible. He even said he will help us set up an office where we can sell our Mbogi Genje merchandise from.” Smady says

Mbogi Genje says because they do not sell sex, they have received  positive feedback from parents who keep on pushing them to pursue their career.

They further added that they aspire to see youths make it out of poverty and are always willing to work with any youth. They have worked on various Youths in their first song Ngumi Mbwegze.

Guzman who is a reformed peddler also cautioned his peers against venturing into crime thinking that it is always the option.

“Everyone has talent so explore what you can do and all will work out eventually. Crime is not an option.Talent is the answer to curb crime. ” he said

They are currently riding high with their song ‘Wamocho’ featuring Richy Haniel and Mejja. The song has already garnered over 400k on Youtube under just one week.

Translations to some of their common words:


Senke- motor bike

Baroda- money

Kang’ethe- zoned out person

Kumuok-to come

Kumuokre – heavy weight

Wamocho- enjoyment, have fun