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Online Critic asks Ezekiel Mutua to ban Sautisol’s Suzanna

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Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua has issued a statement after an online critic asked him to ban Sautisol’s hit son Suzanna.

According to the critic, the song promotes incest and is promoting immorality among the youth.

“Sauti Sol’s hit Suzanna alias Senje should be banned by Kenyans Film Classification Board. Senje is Luhya for aunt- sister of your father. How then can it be that a nephew and his aunt have a relationship? To fall in love with your father’s sister unheard of, incestuous, an abomination and illegal. Sauti Sol have lost the way on this one and should be punished. The song will corrupt the youth and should already be been proscribed. KFCB chairman Ezekiel Mutua should do the necessary” said the fan

Ezekiel Mutua issued a statement through social media saying that his team has looked into the song and given it a clean bill of health.

This complaint was brought to our attention this morning. It’s in regard to a song by @sautisol. I submitted it to our Broadcast Monitoring team for analysis and it has been given a clean bill of health and rated as GE (General Exhibition), i.e suitable for all family viewing” Mutua tweeted

Sautisol also responded thanking Ezekiel Mutua for looking into the matter.

“So someone sent a complaint to KFCB early today that Suzanna promotes incest. But why. Thank you Dr Ezekeile Mutua, MBS. Damn! These streets aren’t safe ? ???” wrote Sauti Sol


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