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Online users call out Deejay Pierra Makena over ‘satanic’ cake

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Deejay Pierra Makena recently marked her 38th birthday in style with a beautifully designed cake but not everyone understood what her cake was about.

Deejay Pierra uploaded a video of her cake on social media and many who did not know what it was, expressed their disappointment regarding the cake.

“Somehow Satanic cake,” read one comment.

The cake which was a game of thrones theme seems to have angered a section of her fans as well with some saying they no longer saw her as a mentor.

“You used to be my mentor, but with the cake it tells a lot…..I pity myself for being fooled,” said another user

Don’t give the devil a legal ground in your life I feel for you hata kama ni game of thrones,” read a comment.

However it seems like some of her loyal fans understood the cake’s design and they came out to defend her.

“Happy Birthday Pierra, from the comments you can tell those who haven’t watched GOT,” said another fan.

“That’s like the best cake ever!!!!! Someone should share it with @gameofthrones @gotinsider” wrote another



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