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OPINION: Caretaker Committee Proposal Has Potential To Transform Kenyan Football

The now defunct Football Kenya Federation Caretaker Committee which was headed by Aaron Ringera, made far reaching proposals some of which have the potential to transform the local football scene.

For instance the suggestion to incorporate technology in local matches, is an idea whose time has come, and if we’re to copy a leaf from the English Premier League then introducing the goal line technology and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is not such a bad idea.

Technology when used rightly, has a way of taming controversial incidents, like the famous Maradona hand of ‘God’. Technology will curb instances of hooliganism, as witnessed in some of the local fixtures due to what some fans perceive as ‘unfair officiating’.

Contrary to what Celestine Olilo alleges in one of her recent articles, automation of local football and Incorporation of artificial intelligence in the sport is a possibility, for example during the Malala Cup of 2020 that was aired live across local media stations like Nyota Tv, for the first time Video Assisted Refereeing was utilised.

With proper funding from all stakeholders including Government of Kenya, FIFA and other sponsors the dream of automating local football tournaments like Koth Biro can be realised. Despite the skirmishes witnessed towards the end of Koth Biro, the tournament was massively successful.

It is important to note that the capacity to automate systems in Kenya is already a reality, as seen during the pandemic, meetings were held online, food apps also did deliveries at the heart of the pandemic.

Also the recent move by the Government of Kenya to introduce coding classes in Kenyan schools, means that in a few years we shall have built capacity to cope with this data age that we live in.

Lastly, Cs Amina Mohammed needs to adapt a less aggressive stance against FIFA, and instead negotiate for the re-inclusion of Kenyan football in international fixtures.

By: Peter J Wamoto