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OPINION: KFCB, Wrong on “I am Samuel” LGBTQ+ Film

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Was KFCB (Kenya Films Classification Board) formed on the foundation of Christianity? Even God gave people a free will, to either believe in Him or not.  Let consenting adults decide for themselves. Besides, religious reasons is just a biased excuse for individual beliefs since Kenya is a secular state!

You don’t ban a documentary just because you can not understand love! The production of #IAmSamuel defied homophobia and now enraging the homophobes. The ban is an imposition of heterosexuality as the norm and a denial of the existence of same sex-sexuality in Kenya. Being queer, LGBTQ+ is not being different, love is not different

The I am Samuel Documentary is a film filed over 5 years and it’s a story about queer love, family and affirmation. The reason around Banning #IAmSamuel is Pointless! We are not a religious state so why does it matter if it demeans Christianity? Religion should not influence legislation and policy. That is demeaning democracy.

KFCB’s role is to rate films, it is pointless to ban a film because it propagates values that are inconsistent with our constitution, culture, values and norms. Kenya is not a religious nation nor are its laws.

KFCB is a government agency and not a Christian union or an organization. The work of the government including its parastatals and agency is not to “Christianize” things and the country! I dare say that as a country we are Hypocrites! We only choose the values that suits us, we play to the morality that suits us. I dare say that nothing demeans humanity more than Christianity.

The Constitution says Kenya is a secular country. God does not judge you whether you are “straight” or part of the LGBTQ+ Community, God loves us all. But religion in all its entirety says and does otherwise, they judge you.

Movies and films are supposed to be a reflection of societal issues, LGBTQ+ was and still is a part of society since ancient times. When KFCB bans “Rafiki” or “I AM Samuel” they are not banning gay films. They are not protecting the nations morality. They are directing violence towards those who have refused to fall in line. Because like all systems of oppression heterosexuality has soldiers. We must accept the dynamism of the society.

Has KFCB become the guardians of the Christian faith?! KFCB should let creative be creatives. KFCB forces should be tasked on the ongoing Corruption cases

The LGBTQ+ persons still go through homophobia and violence. I thought religion says love your neighbor? I thought religion says everyone is created in God’s image? When it comes to the LGBTQ+ Community that’s where we draw the lines?  KFCB should also ban films with sex before marriage, robbery, GBV, gluttony, corruption, murders etc., those are also anti-Christian and KFCB knows the bible better!

Banning a documentary for “promoting homosexuality in society” is absurd. The film is showcasing someone’s life and their own experiences and how they transverse in a homophobic society. If anything it shows courage and fearlessness. This reminds of the teachers who use to give homework on writing about an experience you will never forget and they give you 05/20 and its your experience!

KFCB should stop distracting us from the real issues that affect us, they should classify the films, not ban them

Is Kenya being governed by Christianity? Are we all Christians? Aren’t laws suppose to protect All. KFCB should change its name to Kenya Films “Christians “ Board from now henceforth. KFCB is not constituted by law to be a religious marking scheme.

Kenya is a country, NOT a church! These government bodies/officials should not be allowed to impose their persona; religious beliefs on a whole country. Kenya IS ONLY “CHRSITIAN” when homosexuality is involved. Never when these politicians rob the country blind, not when the cops kill people all the damn time, not when our human rights are violated. Never then, Only at Homosexuality!

Alvin Mwangi

Sexual reproductive health and rights Youth expert

Nairobi, Kenya

Twitter: @alvinmwangi254


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