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  • George Wachiuri the CEO Optiven has written a book to help guide budding businesses to grow.
  • The book ‘After The Plunge’ was launched in the presence of academicians and entrepreneurs.

Starting and growing a business comes with a fair share of challenges that in some cases crash or disable a business. To stamp a blue print for upcoming entrepreneurs George Wachiuri the CEO Optiven has written a book to help guide budding businesses to grow.

Mr Wachiuri who is also an author of 2 other books officially launched “AFTER THE PLUNGE” by George Wachiuri in the presence of academicians and entrepreneurs.

“This book “AFTER THE PLUNGE” is a book that I wrote after we had a very serious challenge of scamming. As Optiven We were scammed 200 million but for the last couple of years we have been able to pay back the entire money to the customers and am happy to say that the book is an encourager to the entrepreneurs.”

~George Wachiuri (Optiven CEO)

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Considering the hard economic times, high taxes and severe economic turbulence from the COVID crisis that businesses are still reeling from, Wachiuri says that his testimonial on how he maneuvered the hard times will help a lot of businesses caution itself.

“I have enumerated in this book the mistakes that we did, the things that we did not do right to ensure that this book is like a guide to the entrepreneurs of today and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow that you don’t need to make the same mistakes that George Wachiuri did and you can be able to learn lessons on partnerships, joint ventures and things to avoid.”

~George Wachiuri

According to Wachiuri the main objective of getting vulnerable and pouring out his personal experience both on his downfalls and success is the spirit of mentorship that he has carried on despite the circumstances he has been facing in business

“This is all about having and open heart because that is what we are required as entrepreneurs; open up your heart so that the future entrepreneurs are going to be better than us the mentors, ” the author concluded.

The Optiven C.E.O also pointed out that all the proceeds from the sale of the books will be channeled to Optiven Foundation to support over 600 orphans across the 47 counties, the elderly and the girls. The books is available on amazon and Optiven offices at Absa plaza.

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