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Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat exchange blows

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Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat are entertaining fans in a slightly different but not unusual manner this week.

The two allegedly exchanged blows after attending Vanessa Mdee and Juma jux’s dinner on Sunday 28th January hosted by Royal Entertainment.

The fight broke out after Otile Brown stepped out to receive a phone call. He came back into the house and called Timmy Tdat aside but since they came into the event together, no one thought anything was amiss until they heard a scuffle going on outside at the parking lot.

“No one really knows what they were fighting about. All Otile kept saying was ‘Lazima watu wahesimiane’,” a source said.

Prezzo tried to separate the two but he was overpowered so Shaffie Weru stepped in and tried to calm the situation.

Well after their exchange of blows the two took to social media to attack each other. Otile shared a photo with Timmy standing beside him but drew on his face and captioned it ” hata unfollow, wala sikosi hela.” (Just unfollow, i’m not losing money over it.”

Funny enough Timmy was the first to comment on the photo telling him to stop  being stupid and showing him a middle finger emoticon.

It is not clear yet what the “wembe” hit makers fought about or why they are still beefing and none of them seems to want to address the issue.



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