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Otile Brown Attacked Over Language Barrier Remarks On Kenyan Music Industry


Kenyan singer Otile Brown has prompted a heated debate after saying that the biggest challenge for the Kenyan music industry is the language barrier.

Speaking after landing from the US, Otile alleged that Kenyan musicians cannot compete favorably with Nigerians on an international scale because of language.

“People know the truth but they don’t want to talk about it. Ukweli ni kamba ni Lugha. That’s the truth. The difference between our industry and the Nigerian Industry is the Language and we can’t compete with Nigerians on that,” he says.

He went on to question the number of Kenyan videos that have gone international.

“How many songs from East Africa have gone international? Or you can perform for a different crowd. So what is limiting us as Kenyan artistes is the language, if we want to be successful internationally we must compromise a bit on language, There is no other thing, You can’t say like you people are not working hard.”

The statement has sparked an interesting conversation online with a section agreeing with him and others in total rejection.

A caller on the NiajeNiaje show was against the singer’s sentiments and this is what she had to say.

“We should be proud of our languages when we go out there. That’s what we should celebrate, it’s our identity. I keep telling people it’s your identity. Nikijua unatoka Kenya unaongea Kiswahili, I find you interesting and I’d love to pull a conversation with you.”

The lady who was calling from France finishes off by mentioning that language barrier should not be an excuse since Nigerians sing in their local language and people tend to love their music either way.

“Wanigeria wanaimba ata vitu hatuelewi na tunaimba, tunadance na tunapenda,” says Dorothy.

By Stella Anyango


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