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Otile Brown Blasts Zuchu And Mbosso For Stealing His Beats


Kenyan Musician Otile Brown has called out to Tanzanian musician Zuchu and Mbosso for stealing his beats.

The musician says that the Tanzanian musicians have sampled beats form ‘baby love’ for their new song ‘For your love’.

Otile claimed that he does not hold grudges but the musicians should look for their own beats instead of using other people’s beats.

“Punguzeni mazoea basi … Hio ni melody nzima ya baby love , if you know you know .. mnabahati sina utoto na roho mbaya .. anyways.” Wrote Otile Brown.

The song ‘baby love’ was a dedication to his ex-girlfriend Vera Sidika which was released in 2018 and is currently at 16 million views.

The song ‘For your love’ was released today and is currently at 215 thousand views.

Neither Zuchu nor Mbosso has come out to defend themselves from the allegations against them by Otile Brown.


Previously fans of the musician had accused the WCB president Diamond Platinumz for stealing Otile’s beats for his song ‘Naanzaje’.

Otile Brown and Diamond did not come out to talk about the allegations made by fans regarding to the copy right issues.

Accusations of musicians copying each other’s beats has been the norm and although some are pulled down from YouTube, the musicians find a way to get them back.

Otile Brown has also been a victim of the accusation of copy rights mostly from upcoming artists.