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  • Otile Brown flaunts the new Range Rover Vogue on Instagram
  • He maintains that it’s all easy work for himself
  • The Range Rover Vogue Is one of the most high priced car’s

Kenyan R&B Star Otile Brown has bought a new Range Rover Vogue.

Taking to his Instagram, the just in love singer shared a series of photos and videos flaunting his newest acquisition.

“Another one!🗣️New Range Rover for yours truly bizee!” stated Otile.

The widely traveled R&B sensation added that the sleek ride was just a piece of easy work for him.

He affirmed that going forward, he would be raising the bar a notch higher.

“Ambia wakali wako next time tuongeze investment…hii shuhuli ndogo lol!

“Easyyyyy!🚀” he added.

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Fans Reactions

As the news on his new fuel guzzler traveled like wildfire, his fans filled his commentary section with congratulatory messages.

We sampled a few of them.

“Obizee upgrade 🔥🔥🔥” fired one fan.

“Congratulations 🎉” shot a second one

However, there were those who felt that Otile should have spent the money in buying a house and not the expensive whip.

“Nyumba nayo huezi can only trade in cars in yards” flew one comment

Most Priced Car

The Range Rover Vogue is one of the most expensive car’s in the market.

The 2016 edition has a starting price from $94,600.

It’s a sports utility vehicle (SUV) available in Diesel/Electric, Diesel and Premium unleaded petrol.

It oozes luxury and comfort with eye catching exterior and interior design.

This translates that Otile actually put out some good amount of cash for the new ride.

Otile Brown has remained in the top of his game for quite some time now.

He’s been able to churn out hit after hit making him one of the most widely sought entertainers regionally and internationally.

Is this a statement to the naysayers that music indeed pays? Drop a comment.

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