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Otile Brown dating Hamisa Mobeto?..Betty Bayo continues to poke Dj Mo and Size 8. Here are this week’s top stories

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This week saw the likes of Mwalimu Rachel, Akothee and Betty Bayo hit the headlines. Akothee weighed in on Frankie and Mo’s drama, Betty Bayo has her head way inside Dj Mo’s household and Mwalimu Rachel broke down in an interview. Here are this week’s top stories.

  1. Otile Brown and Hamisa

Singer Otile Brown was last weekend spotted getting cozy with Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto.

Otile who is currently in the 255 to shoot a music video shared some clips on his Instagram in the company of Hamisa.

Hamisa was also seen at the airport waiting for the singer to arrive.

It is not yet clear if Hamisa is the video vixen in Otile and Juma Jux’s song.

  1. Mwalimu Rachel Vs. Sailors

On Monday,Media personality Mwalimu Rachel broke down as she explained her fallout with Gengetone group Sailors.

Speaking on an Interview with Jalang’o, Rachel said she was very hurt when Sailors went behind her back to sign at Black Market Records (BMR).

Mwalimu Rachel narrated how the new record label approached Sailors with many mouth watering promises that to her were just raising eye brows.

“The record label promised to pay their rents, stipends and even get them a car and this was really appealing to them. I however had some issues with the clauses in their contract and while I was still looking through it, Peter, Miracle baby went behind my back and signed a deal with the company. I did not even know about it until a representative of the company approached me and told me it was a done deal.” She said

Rachel also expressed a lot of doubt in the new contract that Sailors signed at BMR.

“I doubt Sailors had a lawyer present when they were signing that contract. I even doubt they knew and understood what they were getting themselves into.” She said

Rachel who described herself as the mother figure that held Sailors since the beginning of their career said that move by Sailors really hurt her.

  1. Akothee’s message to Maureen Waititu

Controversial singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee also weighed in on the drama surrounding Youtuber Maureen Waititu and her baby daddy Frankie.

The two have been trending after throwing blame games on each other fallowing a dispute on co-parenting.

Akothee shared a post encouraging baby mamas to focus on themselves rather than go after a man that has decided not to be in their child’s life.

“As a mother, the only moment you will have peace of mind is when you are dead and gone . However, if spirits are alive, you will never have peace if any of your children is not settled or at peace,  it doesn’t matter if she is married, old or young, the pain is the same. I hereby ask and urge single mothers to hold onto the happiness their babies bring forth, you are totally alone in the journey of pregnancy and it’s a bonus or a privilege if you have a supportive partner, which in most cases is not a guarantee from time immemorial and most of the past experiences.” She said

Akothee also asked single mother to avoid going after their baby daddies adding that, that energy will only cause more harm.

“We don’t wish to be single parents or bring up children in broken relationships but some circumstances forced or might force us to do so for the better growth & future of the kids. However, the bottom line is, the energy you use in running after a partner who is not interested in the life of the children is much more than the one you would use to collect yourself . It’s hard i know, but this is a grown-up with all his senses, he will do what he knows best, either humiliate you more or cause more damage to your heart , it’s up to you to choose  ” Akothee added

  1. Betty Bayo’s letter to men

Gospel singer Betty Bayo this week sent an open letter to men asking them to own up to their mistakes.

In a post shared on Instagram, the mother of three said men need to always acknowledge when they are wrong and not take too long to apologize.

She cited the example of DJ Mo whose marriage was recently shaken by an alleged cheating scandal but is now vacaying with his wife Size 8 at the Kenyan coast.

“TO ALL MEN: with all due respect . If you have wronged your rib and you know ulimhurt sana until she walk away … if you know you still love her .  Just DjMo her dont take too long to apologise.. nowadaiz women adjust very quickly .si unaona ata corona tushazoea .that woman who is crying  for u today and begging you won’t do that forever one day she will wake up and move on…..dont follow her when it’s too late . Some can’t wait for the coming of Christ and still wait for you …dont allow her to know apart from youtube movies Kuna Netflix.. don’t allow pride to make you lose your family .go for her now that she is waiting for you..don’t say I dint tell you” she wrote

  1. Mbogi Genje’s Mansion

Sheng’ masters Mbogi Genje seem to have pocketed some serious cash from their recent ambassadorial gig.

The group comprised of Guzman, Militan and Smaddy Tingz are rumored to have bought a huge mansion in one of Nairobi’s posh neighbourhoods.

According to a video shared by Guzman on Youtube, the gengetone group is in the process of moving into their new mansion.

“Let’s take a sneak peek into the new Mbogi Genje crib in one of the posh neighborhood in the country.” Reads the bio on the Youtube video

The group recently signed a deal that will saw them become Ruai Family Hospital’s brand ambassadors.

The deal means Mbogi Genje is now be the face of a new rehabilitation center being opened by RFH CEO Dr. Maxwell Okoth.

  1. Rayvanny’s ‘soon to be’ Wasafi Exit

Bongo sensation Raymond Shaban popularly known as Rayvanny is allegedly building his own mega Record label.

The Wasafi Records signee is allegedly working on his own label which is rumored to be housed in one of the biggest premises ever.

Speaking on an interview with Wasafi Radio, his current boss Diamond Platnumz said he had visited the premises and believes the label will be one of the biggest in East Africa.

“That label is so big. I was looking at his studios and told him, ‘Rayvanny this studio man!’ When he finally posts it, it will be number one,” he said.

Asked if the recent news mean that Rayvanny will ditch Wasafi Records, Diamond said Vannyboy can own his label and still contract for Wasafi.

He gave the example of Drake who owns OVO sound yet still contracts for Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Brothers.

“You now look at OVO and at the top there is Cash Money, everyone has a chance and I always tell people to think outside the box. We must make other opportunities,” he added

The news comes months after Rayvanny was rumored to be leaving Diamond’s label but he responded saying he would only leave if he has his own label.

Bongo star Harmonize also left Wasafi records in early 2019 to set up his own label ‘Konde music worldwide’

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