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Otile Brown threatens to sue 19 year old wannabe socialite



RnB star Otile Brown is an angry man and has taken to social media to send out a strong warning.

A 19-year old wannabe socialite only identified as Shakila has beentrending ever since she exposed Willy Paul for sliding into her DM.

According to the lass, Willy slid into her DM then they agreed to meet but their meeting turned out nasty after she refused to give in to the singer’s advances.

Shakila also claimed that she had some entanglements with RnB star Otile Brown.

This did not sit well with Otile who took to social media to call out the lass and a blogger who shared the story.

According to OBreezy, he will make an example out of anyone who uses his name to peddle gossip.

“Been quiet, decided to let my music speak for me but y’all craving for drama that y’all have to drag my name with y’all nonsense.. If some are okay been mentioned in such upuzi i’m not. Will make an example out of y’all.. Keep my name out of your stinking mouths, don’t mistake me with some artist i’ma hit y’all hard with a lawsuit, utalia. Y’all lucky y’all deleted them but still will make sure my legal team try to find a way around it, been letting y’all slide and now you’re getting outta hand .. Stop tarnishing peoples name for clout.” Said Otile

The upcoming socialite did not however take Otile’s threats lightly. She took to social media to fire shots at Otile saying that she is not scared of him.

“Lightskin diva nigga you not scary i put that on my whole ancestry. Stop threatening me you ain’t even know how to speak fluent English in one sentence bet the whole thing someone wrote it for you.” She wrote

A spot check on the lass’ social media pages shows that she’s been rolling with the who’s who and at one point did a video hanging out at a certain governor’s office.

She also recently alleged that governor Ali Hassan Joho was among those who have reached out to her.

“He called me and we talked and you know from his various appearances on TV I know how he sounds so I know it was him.” She said