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Otile Brown trolled for selling ‘Overpriced’ suits


Kenyan RnB singer Otile Brown has once again found himself the at the center of online conversation following his latest business venture.

Otile Brown recently announced that he has a new clothing line strictly for his male fans.

“Follow my online clothing line @ob_men_cloth_line_ which i have started because of demand from my male fans.” he said

His so called fans however found issue with the fact that his suits are too expensive.

The cheapest suit on his page goes for Ksh. 20,000 while the most expensive goes for Ksh 70,000.

Online community called out the singer saying that there is no way he is targeting his fan base with such prices.

In his defense Otile Brown says his suit fabrics are legit hence the prices

“You can now get a suit like this for only 40,000ksh in any color or design you want . Don’t wear a fake fabric because of lack of knowledge “if” you can afford a legit suit. Follow my online clothing line @ob_men_cloth_line_ which i have started because of demand from my male fans . You can place an order on anything you fancy/like (from what i wear) then somebody will come and take your measurements wherever you’ll be at, be it a shirt/suit/pants” he said

Read some of the comments below:

  • @otilebrown Ohh! Please hata kina Diamond na Juma Jux hawavai suits za bei hio yote. Weka bei nzuri hakuna cha Legit wala ukwajuu
  • Suit 20k,kwani inakuja na #Kiyenge ama?
  • wizzieofficial 40k za Tanzania
  • ivanz.52056 : ????40k will change my entire life nikipata
  • aloraorex: @otilebrown how good is your fabric ama ni zile za Garissa lodge ulienda ukanunua and labelled them?