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Otile Brown’s life in danger

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Singer Otile Brown has penned a long post on social media narrating how his life is in danger.

The chaguo la moyo hit maker says a certain unidentified man tried to con his manager before the team got wind of it and hang up on him.

The singer now says he is being threatened by unknown people and that his life may be at risk.

He explains the misery local artistes go through at the hand of promoters and organizers.

‘’They say niko na kichwa ngumu na Maringo/Madharau coz am so strict when it comes to my job and now someone is threatening me coz my manager hanged up on him after his team tried to pull a stunt on us being so unprofessional brah get over your feelings and bring it on , I don’t care brah , I work so hard you are going to respect my grind .. ARTISTS just wake up . We don’t need them , we both need each other . We work so hard maze !!! ’’ He wrote.

The singer called on promoters to respect artiste’s rights.

‘’Kenyan artists have to be respected. If some artists choose to be paid peanuts and be treated like nothing in the name of “we’ll give you more gigs “ Ni sawa but wen it comes to me bruh! you’ll respect me..’’ he added


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