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  • Hopekid maintains that the sex scandal was created by X-tian Dela to settle scores with Dk Kwenye Beat
  • He has a long history of friendship with Dk Kwenye Beat and Khaligraph Jones
  • He was mentored by Mr.Googz now a preacher into dancehall music

Popular gospel dancehall star, Hopekid fondly referred to as The General recently opened up on the sex scandal pitting him with fellow gospel singer, DK Kwenye Beat as a well orchestrated plan to tarnish their reputation.

According to the testimony singer, DK Kwenye Beat had a beef with X-tian Dela who hatched a plan to malign his name through the ‘cooked sex scandal’ that raptured in 2019.

Hiyo ilikuwa story bro, it was a cooked up story bro…unaweza jua watu ni wanyama ile ni movie ilipangwa, you see DK had a beef with X-tian hawajawahi skizana for quite some time that’s why if you try and analyze the whole situation X-tian alikuwa ana attack Dk sana walikuwa tu na issue zao,” explained Hopekid.

Long History Of Friendship With DK & Khaligraph

Hopekid further affirmed his long history of friendship with Dk and Khaligraph Jones running back to their days while living in the same neighborhood in Kayole.

Hopekid would even share outfits with Dk and it was to his surprise when he realized that the latter had added weight overnight.

“Now this story of Dk ni mnono mi nilistukanga ka kila mtu ‘aah na bro umenona!!mi sikujua huyu jamaa akinona ..nikamwombaga suti flani alisimamia nayo harusi alafu hakuwahi itisha ndio nikajua haimtoshei ndio maana haitishi,” exclaimed Hopekid.

On his ties with Khaligraph Jones,the latter’s brother who was their music producer,K.O.B Lamaz while venturing into music paired them as a group.

At that time,Hopekid was a rapper before he finally curved his niche in dancehall music.

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Mr Googz Mentorship

Hopekid who grew up listening to reggae and dancehall music thanks to his father’s love for the genre, further added that he was mentored by Mr Googz into dancehall music for close to two years.

Mr Googz is a pioneer singer famed for the hit,Wasee Tumetoka Githurai sang together with Vinnie Banton.

Mr Googz saw the light and is involved in God’s ministry.

“Then i met a guy called Mr Googz nowadays we call him Pastor Moffat he has a big church in Kiambu road,I underwent mentorship under him just trying to find out what i can do in terms of vitu mob nililearn through yeye” Revealed Hopekid.

He went ahead and refuted claims of ditching gospel music and his involvement in money laundering citing jealousy from his detractors.

The man of God who loves tea wholeheartedly maintained that he draws a fulfilment by touching the hearts of children living with autism.

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