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Outcry as private developer grabs playground Eastleigh’s Juja Road Estate


Residents of Juja Road Estate are calling on the government to help reposes their playing field after a private developer acquired it illegally.

According to the residents suspended land commissioner Mohammed Swazuri sided with the grabbers despite the map clearly showing that it was reserved as a playing field.

Speaking to ghetto radio Mohammed Abdi who moved to the area 28 years ago said that they used to play football in that ground nicknamed Mashombo.

“ we moved in Juja Road 28 years ago and as a young boy we played in that field which we had divided into two , one place was for the young kids and the other for the older where we played 11 aside”, he said.

Mohammed said that the grabbing of the land happened during Margret Wanjiru’s time as she was the area mp.

He says when magraet left the seat Naina Kamanda took over and visited the area only for the building costruction to go on.

However after the 2017 election the owners of the building embarked on a full scale construction up to now the buildings are two and they are expecting it to go up to the 12th floor.

He says he suspects the rush of constructing the house faster is for the owners to sale to unsuspecting members of the public at a cheaper price because they know that the area is not meant for such development.

The price of such an apartment is Ksh 10 million but it is being sold at Ksh 5 million.

According to the residents the place is a controlled development hences not suitable to build highrise buildings.

They have compalined of poor drainage system and luck of enough water because of the number of houses in the area.

They say that there is no enough water to serve the area and sewage blockages is the order of the day.

The residents have gone to court but besides that the constructiion is still going on.