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Outcry Over Flowing Raw Sewer Water


Manyatta B residents in Kisumu are appealing to the Kisumu county government to resolve the raw sewer water menace in the area.

The residents claim that they are at risk of catching cholera after some landlords allegedly let raw sewer water flow openly in the estate.

Laventer Akeyo told Ghetto Radio that the sewer water risks contaminating the piped water meant for domestic use.

“The kids are playing on it, some drink it thinking it is water and to make it worse some take food without washing their hands after touching the toxic water,” said Akeyo.

According to Akeyo, the untreated sewer water has been flowing in the area for quite some time now.

Laventer Akeyo told Ghetto Radio, cried foul road is pathetic as someone has been opening untreated sewage that contain all sorts of wastes.

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“As you have seen I am selling food stuffs here and this road which is clearly passing next to my business premise is pathetic… The water contains used condoms, needles and even human wastes. Our kids step on it and to make it worse it affects our business,” Laventer said.

The scent coming from the raw sewer water has also made the place inhabitable and forced motorists to also change their routes.

“An analysis we did confirmed that there are those people who have erected their houses on sewer lines and the authority has refused to take action against the,” she added.

Jacob Otieno says that they are forced to use gumboots to use the roads to prevent the water from getting to their feet.

Otieno says that the area chief has also become adamant and refused to take action against the landlords whose buildings are overflowing with sewer water.

Magadi primary is one of the schools affected by the raw sewer water.