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Outcry Over The Deplorable State Of Eastleigh Social Hall


Eastleigh residents  have now raised concerns over deplorable state of Eastleigh Social hall saying the facility has been abandoned  by the county government of Nairobi  together with private developer  in charge of the building.

According to Eastleigh residents association chairman David Odhiambo  Nairobi county government entered into agreement  with a private developer  where-by the residents were to be given a first floor hall  in the developed building.

The developer was  to take care of the social hall by ensuring  there are clean toilets,electricity and its maintenance.

‘‘They duped us this hall lacks toilets ,no lift. They also breached the agreement that our hall was to be situated in the first floor not forth where it is.. for now you can’t access  this hall easily, we can’t even hold meetings or seminars here,’’ Odhiambo said.

Odhiambo  added that  children   in Eastleigh are now stranded and they  have no place for indoor games.

‘‘We are in long holidays it’s shocking that our children in Eastleigh do not have a  place to play , the county government must wake up,’’ she said.