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Outlawed Mungiki sect back in Nairobi


The outlawed Mungiki sect is allegedly back in Nairobi’s Korogocho area years after its ban by the government.

Reports from Korogocho state that members of the sect are extorting money from the county revenue collectors a move that is frustrating the county officers and the traders.

Nairobi County Markets Director Mr. Fred Ndonyo says that the group has been threatening the revenue officers at the market demanding for the revenue share  a move that has seen market revenues at Korogocho not being collected  fully.

‘‘Our officers are very insecure and yes we share revenue with this militia group that has deployed scaring mechanism to  intimidate our officers who in turn fall  in their trap.’’He said.

Ndonyo says he is planning to involve the the county inspectorate department and other officers to ensure that such groups are dealt with.

The sects main targets are Industrial Area and Korogocho Markets.

‘‘We have  liased with Inspectorate team and as from next week, we will have joint operation to ensure we  collect revenue fully in those markets’’ He dded.

Meanwhile the trade tourism  committee Chairman Charles Thua has rubbished the claims saying those are tactics applied by market officials at city hall to milk public funds and avoid questioning of the amount collected by the revenue officers.

‘‘I do businesses in Korogocho have seen or here any Mungiki member there this is just an allegation  meant for people to still money from the government, we are dealing with Al-Shabaab we can be intimidated by Mungiki ,this is a pure lie.’’ Thuo stated.