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Outrageous bet sees Kisumu Man win Sh818,496 on Odibets with Sh3


Was it luck or the day the Lord had made for one Meshack Ogutu? Mr. Ogutu won Ksh. 818, 496 on Odibets after placing a bet with just three shillings.

The mechanic, who hails from Kisumu County, predicted four corners in four different matches on the Odibets’ e-sports platform which comprises FIFA simulated games.

An elated Mr. Ogutu who could not hide his joy as he received his dummy cheque said he got to know about Odibets after his team received playing kits from Odibets courtesy of the Odimtaani initiative that saw the betting firm kit over 3,000 teams participating in the county league countrywide.

“My team Gor Artisans was one of the beneficiaries of the Odimtaani initiative by Odibets early this year, this prompted me to start betting on Odibets not knowing a big day like this will come,” the team manager said when journalists visited him at his workplace.

“I want to invest the money on my garage business as well as the team I’m managing,” the jovial mechanic told journalists.

Odibets, hailed by the public as one of the best betting firms in the country, has virtual games on their website for punters especially after European leagues were halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual betting is a kind of betting availed by some bookies, in Kenya and the world, where customers can place bets on computer-generated games-which function just like real matches with real teams and players.

The football matches are ‘real’ but much shorter, so you don’t have to wait for a whole 90 minutes for the match to end. The virtual matches usually take about two minutes each, but the winning value remains the same as those of actual matches and their odds.

A review on Odi League, for example, one can place their virtual bets on various markets just like they would on real sports bets.

Punters also have the opportunity to experience incredible deals with boosted odds. For instance, new clients get to receive a Ksh. 20 bonus on their first bet on OdiLeague.

Are you the next lucky winner? Join the virtual betting bandwagon to stand a chance to win like Mr. Ogutu who’s now smiling all the way to the bank.