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Over 160,000 Kenyans have already tried accessing the fund which was launched by President William Ruto today.

This is even before the fund was officially launched.

Ruto who launched the fund today says that the Hustler Fund is what will eqalise all Kenyans.

“Over 160,000 Kenyans have already started accessing this fund. This is the fund that is going to equalise all the citizens of Kenya, so that every citizen will know that they count,” said Ruto.

According to Ruto, the fund is aimed at putting an end to money lenders and shylocks who have been taking advantage of desperate traders.

“Someone goes to a shylock to get capital. The shylock gives this person Ksh. 1000 and by the end of the day, this shylock needs the Ksh. 1000 ureturned with an interest of 100,” said Ruto.

Earlier before the launch, Ruto and other Cabinet Secretaries interacted with small scale business traders during the launch of Hustler Fund at Green Park.

From maize vendors to smokie sellers Ruto got to ask them about the cost of their stock, the sources of capital and how much profit they made.

“Stock yako nis hillingi ngapi kwa siku?” Ruto posed the question to a sugar cane vendor.

“Stock yangu ni elfu tatu, profit ni mia nane ama elfu moja kwa siku,” stated the vendor.


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