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Over 19,000 people in urban slums benefit from UK’s direct cash transfer program

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Approximately 19,000 people have already benefited from the UK funded GiveDirectly Program that is cushioning slum families from the ravages of Covid-19.

GiveDirectly Country Director Lydia Wangeshi says that they aim at reaching at least 52,700 people in Nairobi and Mombasa slums with the Ksh. 717 Million.

According to Wangeshi, each beneficiary will receive Ksh. 4,000 through mobile money in the program that will run up to December 2020.

“The immediate impact of COVID-19 has already left many Kenyans with severely reduced incomes, facing food insecurity, with many forced to take on debt or sell assets for survival,” said Wangeshi.

“Direct cash transfers can have a rapid and profound impact in this time of crisis to help these families make ends meet and avoid falling further into poverty,” she stated.

Wangeshi also stated that they have involved at least 19 Community Based organizations in Both Nairobi and Mombasa to help identify the most needy people.

British High Commission Development Director Richard Erlebach stated that the support will help the most vulnerable respond to the ravages of the pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected both our countries in a significant way. I am pleased through our support and from experience of our social protection partnership in Kenya, we are greatly helping the most vulnerable respond to the adverse effects of the pandemic,” he said.

GiveDirectly, first launched operations in Kenya in 2011 and has reached over 200K Kenyan recipients.

The beneficiaries are identified through data targeting to ensure that the project is fair, equitable, and targets the most vulnerable.

The methods implemented aligns with the Government of Kenya’s cash transfers interventions implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.



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