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  • Population of about 3000 to be affected in the demolition.
  • Darfur,Downtown and areas near National Concrete  affected.
  • Many have flee the area to avoid the wrath of government bulldozers.

More than two thousand houses along Nairobi River on riparian land in Kariobangi North are facing demolition. The exercise kicked off yesterday at Down town streaming towards Riverside bridge.

James Okwede whose 20 year old house was demolished says the exercise is not healthy for mwanachi and that the government is doing more harm than saving their lives from floods.

“A house is a shelter it’s now being demolished by the government… when floods ravage you loose the what’s the difference between government and floods. They must reconsider this directive or else many will be affected and that it would be difficult to recover from that effect. Some have also left for their rural homes because of this situation. They have never paid rent for years and you know they  wouldn’t  do so of course t.” He lamented.

Meanwhile many  have complained on the manner in which the 30 meters is measured claiming that they have been marred with corruption and  discrimination.

“We are confused sometimes they measure 30 meters vertically  but some  places not..we have reports that in some areas they with 10 meters which is illegal.

Cs Kindiki Directive

According to Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki no single structure will be left on riparian land.

“The Nairobi Regional and County Security Teams are directed to work with the Nairobi City County Government and the Multi-agency Team under the auspices of the National Disaster Operation Centre (NDOC) to ensure the immediate vacation or mandatory evacuation of all persons within the 30-metre riparian land along the Nairobi Rivers (Mathare, Ngong and Nairobi Rivers), and thereafter oversee the removal of all buildings and structures within the riparian land as well as the planning corridor,” Kindiki said.

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