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Over 300,000 Boda Boda Riders Already Registered In Nationwide Exercise

Approximately 300,000 bodaboda riders have already participated in the nationwide registration exercise launched by the national government.

The exercise which has been going on for more than 30 days has been having more than 10,000 operators registering per day.

Boda Boda Safety Association Chairman Kevin Mubadi has applauded the operators for turning up in large numbers to ensure that they are registered.

According to Mubadi, they had to take the exercise down to the sub county level in order to give riders easy accessibility.

“The registration is going on very well, in fact we have devolved the registration is Sub County because the counties are very far away from each other, we decided to take them to the sub county so that many people can access. In the past one month, we were doing 10,000 per day and since we have done more than 30 days, we have approximately registered close to 30,000 bodaboda riders,” Mubadi told Ghetto Radio News.

According to Mubadi, the registration will help clear boda boda riders’ tainted image.

The exercise was launched in late March following an uproar from Kenyans over a sexual harassment incident along Wangari Mathai Road on a female Diplomat.

The exercise which was launched to streamline the sector and also promote road safety is supposed to end on the 24th of June.

“We are looking for time frame, if the time elapses and more people still need to be registered we will have to ask the government to extend time because if there are a lot of people who still need to be registered then there is no need of not extending time. I would also want to urge the riders who are not registered to turn out in large numbers because the government wishes good for all the riders,” said Mubadi.