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  • Nairobi City County Liquor Board says only 2000 outlets are licenced.
  • The Board attributes huge number of unlicenced liquor stores as result of poor structure.


Nairobi City County Liquor Board now says only 2000 liquor outlets in Nairobi are licenced.
The is after the liquor board mapped out the city liquor and found out that more than 6000 were not licenced.In an interview the board vice Judith Anyango revealed to Ghetto Radio that they were in process to shut all outlets that were operating without licences.
“We have mapped the city and did our analysis it was shocking that more than 6000 outlets were operating without licence.We have marked them and soon they will go down.” She said in an interview.

Liquor Selling Areas

The board has also issued a stern warning to the liquor outlets operating in residential buildings and stalls.
“Before we issue those licences there are certain parameters that must be met before you are given the licence so I have said severally that you sell your liquor in stalls and residential areas.

Drugs in Mathare

Meanwhile Mathare residents Bondeni and Mabatini have called on the authorities to act swiftly and suppress the use of hard drugs in Nigeria Area.
Nigeria which is in Mabatini has become a den not today but years with several attempts to weed out completely the pedlers hitting a hard stone.
But what has become unique is the level of impunity that peddlers are conducting this illegal business of drugs despite being outlawed.
“It’s normal you can come get your injection of a hard drug and dissapear.This is how this place has is impunity of the highest order to say little…How can we have a country where drugs are sold in broad daylight and with little action yet we have the police being paid by tax payers money.” Anorld Ochieng Mabatini resident said.

“Hapa ni blunder wasipochunga mayut man hawatakuwa na life juu imefika point ni open hakuna mwenye anajali hao masanse wanakam wanachukua zao then wanalost juu yaani wameingia kwa drugs mapema ambapo unapata wengi wanavuta bangi ,” Dan Kayumba said.

September 13, 2023

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