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Over 9,000 people arrested for Violating Covid-19 Rules


Over 9,700 people have been arrested for contravening Covid-19 directives across the country since the enforcement kicked off following President Kenyatta’s address last week.

Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai said so far 6,043 suspects were arrested for contravening curfew orders while the number of those arrested for failing to wear face masks stood at 3,717 by November 11.

The IG also revealed that so far a total of 256 bars have been closed down and 463 motor vehicles detained over the same period of time.

“As at yesterday, the enforcement of Covid-19 record is as follows: arrested for contravention of curfew orders and related offences are 6043, arrested for failing to wear face masks 3,717, closed bars 256, while the number of detained motor vehicles are 463,” Mutyambai told a local media house

During his 13th address on the coronavirus pandemic, the president directed the National Police Service to enforce the Covid-19 directives in a bid to prevent new infections.

“We will double our enforcement efforts, but the public must also play its role.  You must remember that my government’s desire is to re-open the country and remain open.  But whether or not we will remain open depends on the public’s responsiveness to Covid protocols,” Uhuru said.