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  • Ndii criticizes Opposition’s Protest urges Political process
  • MP Makau released ordered to return to DCI

The Chairperson of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors David Ndii has today criticized the opposition led by Raila Odinga for organizing nationwide protests against President William Ruto’s regime.

Ndii expressed his firm belief that the government would not yield to the opposition’s demands and instead suggested that they seek to overthrow the current administration if they were dissatisfied.

He has also implored the opposition to await the 2027 general election rather than causing havoc in the country by destroying property.

In a tweet Ndii said the government had secured a legitimate victory in the 2022 elections, shaking up the status quo, He instead called on the government to face the government head on.

“We are not budging. Overthrow the government if you are able, otherwise wait for elections,”He tweeted.

“We contested and won election on a platform of upsetting the status quo. I would be very alarmed if the status quo was not upset. Bring it on,”he added.

Ndii was responding to a Kenyan on twitter who had questioned the economic thinking behind recent policies which he alleged were making the opposition outfit to use to fuel animosity  in the country.

“Yesterday’s civil disobedience across the country was a shocker to the country’s leadership including Raila Odinga. The people are tired. Economic advisors to the President, it’s time to show your worth,”@ochienglaw tweeted.

Yesterday, protests organized by the opposition occurred in 20 counties, resulting in a tragic outcome. Reports indicate that nine people lost their lives during the demonstrations, with significant property damage, including the destruction of the Nairobi Expressway.

MP Makau Released

 The Moja Expressway Company announced today that three toll stations would remain closed due to extensive vandalism caused by protesters, particularly the toppling of the expressway barrier near Mlolongo.

Meanwhile Member of Parliament for Mavoko Patrick Makau was arrested early today as part of ongoing investigations into the anti-government protests that rocked his constituency. However he was released but ordered to return to the Directorate of criminal investigations DCI on Friday for further questioning.

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