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Owago Onyiro Calls out Comedians demanding lavish lifestyle from Churchill


Former Churchill Show comedian Owago Onyiro has called out comedians claiming that Churchill does not pay them for their appearance on Churchill show.

According to Owago, Churchil pays his comedians but unfortunately they want to be paid enough to live lavishly instead of using the platform to grow.

”Churchill analipa watu, kitu mbaya ni Comedian waende pale and they depend on Churchill too much. Chutrchill amekupatia platform utengeneze jina ukulie. Unakumbukaa ukienda Shule baba yako alikuwa nakupatia pocket money, that is what Churchill is giving us, he can’t not give you plus salary na ndo anakufunza. Whatever Churchill is giving you is like pocket money not the expected money you want in your life. Something that can sustain you as you build your brand, use the platform to build yourself. Don’t expect too much mahali unajifunza” said Owago.

Last week blogger Robert Alai accused Churchill of not paying his comedians and using their content for his show.

“Anyone who talks to Dan Ndambuki aka Churchill, tell him to pay the comedians. NTV has fully paid him, but because he lives a careless debt with poor financial management, comedians who provide him with content have not been paid since November 2019.” Alai tweeted.

Following Owago’s sentiments, Alai responded saying that Churchill has no content for his show and went on to dare the veteran comedian to do a full show on his own.

“Jalango decided to insult struggling comedians who provide Churchill with content through that fool called Owago. Boss, Churchill has no content for his show so he depends on the comedians being insulted. Ask Churchill to do one episode of his show alone we see. Pay comedians” reads Alai’s tweet.