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P-UNIT explain their short hiatus from music scene

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By Annette Amondi

For sometime, P-unit have not graced the limelight as a group leading many to believe that they split up long ago.

The group made up of Frasha, Gabu and Bon eye left many questioning their whereabouts at a time when they were all household names.

After releasing their latest song dubbed ‘chocha’ last week, P-unit has finally explained that the break was just so as to take care of family and studies.

 “Some of us have been taking care of our families and also learning. We are better than we were and we have more content. We did not break up as a group but instead, we decided to take a break from the industry. This has helped each member of P-Unit to grow and also get new ideas that we are now going to instill in our future work, It is a good break to be away and learn what is lacking in the industry. The song is to educate people to go back to our morals and stop bragging so much on social media. Besides working together, we have been friends since class five, and even now with families, we are unbreakable friends.” the said

They went on to express some of the challenges they have passed through as a trio.

“The main challenge a group such as ours face is when one member of the group misbehaves out there, and the whole group carry the whole mess. Also, sometimes some members want to outshine the rest of the members in the group, especially when the money starts coming in.” They added



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