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Padi Wubonn narrates falling from grace to grass

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By Steve Osaka

The King of Parrody Padi Wubonn has given a heart wrenching story of how his life suddenly fell from grace to grass when he was a child.

Speaking during a YouTube interview with Comedian Jalang’o Padi disclosed being brought up in a well off family and was a pampered kid since he was the last born in his family.

“My father was a District Commissioner in Siaya,I would be dropped and picked from school in a landrover ,”he said.

All this came to a sudden halt when his father died while he was in class seven,his mother had also passed away three years ago.

“I saw all the properties dissappear,the only items i inherited from my father were sleeping gowns and a couple of ties” Said Padi.

He had to move in with an aunt who saw him through High School.

He harbored hate and bitterness and it’s through making his peers laugh while at high school in Ramba Boys that he started his healing process.

Padi later on moved to the city where he juggled music and carpentry,things started opening up when he landed a role on Inspekta Mwala and did several episodes withthem.

He was on a winning trajectory and even faired well during The Tusker Project Fame Talent Search,he had survived upto 30 of the finest acts.

He was then linked up with Kajairo who liked him from the word go and started skit writing and directing  their productions.

Padi credits himself as part of the crew that prepared ‘Mali’ a local soap opera.

He became a formidable part of Kajairo’s team doing pranks and music parodies.

Padi is greatful to Kajairo for mentoring him into the Star he has become.


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