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Pangani Police Boss Comes Clean On Death Of Remandee In Police Cell

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Police in Pangani have refuted claims that a remandee who died at the station on Sunday died out of complications resulting from congestion of police cells.

Pangani OCPD Julius Kiragu says that Pangani police cells are not congested and that the remandee known as Robert Mureithi died of underlying health complications.

He however says that they are awaiting an autopsy report on the deceased to determine the cause of death.

“The guy collapsed at around 7 am on Sunday. The OCS was then called and he in turn called medics from the Medcins Sans Frontiers (MSF). While in the process of attending to him, the guy was pronounced died,” said Kiragu.

“He was then taken to the mortuary as we await postmortem results. Postmortem results will give the real reason as to what caused the guy’s death. Postmortem results don’t lie, they shall come out and everyone will know the truth” he stated.

The remandee who had been arrested for flouting Covid-19 rules died at the station yesterday morning while awaiting to be transported to Industrial area Prison to serve his termn.

He had pleaded guilty of his charges and had been fined Ksh. 200 or serve a one week sentence in Industrial Area Prison.

“The remandee had been arrested on Friday last week for flouting Covid -19 rules on Friday. He appeared in court on Friday and was fined Ksh. 200 or serve a seven day jail term and this was at around 3pm,” said Kiragu.

“Because it was late, he was then taken to Pangani cells for police officers to process his committals before he is transferred to the Industrial Area Prison to serve his term,” he said.

The deceased’s family had sounded an alarm over the death of their kin claim that he had died out of congestion from the cells.


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