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Parent seeking justice after teacher fractures arm, leg of son


A parent in Nairobi’s Kibra slums is seeking justice after his son was allegedly beaten and injured by a teacher for scoring zero in mathematics.

The boy says that the class teacher by the name Mr. Wasike gave him five Mathematics problems to solve and when he failed all of them, he started beating him.

“The teacher gave me five mathematics problems and I failed all of them. When I kept quiet after he asked me what was wrong, he started beating me,” he said.

The parent whose name we have sealed claims that his son who is in Grade Eight at Kibera Primary School suffered a fractured arm and leg after a teacher at the school gave him corporal punishment.

According to the parent, his son had just returned to the school after being admitted at the Mbagathi Hospital for two weeks.

“My son was admitted at the Mbagathi for two weeks. He just went back to the school and two days after his return, the teacher beats him and injures him for simply failing in Mathematics,” he says.

The parent claims that having spent a lot of money treating his son at Mbagathi, he does not have any more cash treating him.


“We all know that the moment you step into Mbagathi Hospital for treatment, you will be required to give money. I am not rich, I do not have that money,” he said.

He says that his attempts to get the school’s headmaster and the said teacher to help him get treatment for his son have been met with rudeness and arrogance.

“The teacher was very rude, he instead told me that if I do not let him punish my son for talking to a certain boy, he will end up in Western in a coffin,” he says.

“The school’s principal instead told me to treat the boy in a local hospital since the injuries were according to him not very serious,” he said.