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Parents Of Kibra Children Attending Political Political Rallies Put On Notice

Parents  in Kibera sub county  have been  urged  to be strict on their  children  not to join political  gatherings  and criminal  gang  groups  during this electioneering period.

Speaking  exclusively  to Ghetto  Radio Kibera Community Peace  and Security Committee chairperson  Humphrey Lando  says that as a vigilatante  group  they  are on high  alert to ensure that those  attending  political  gatherings and campaigns are of the voting age.

Lando says that they are aware of rogue  aspirants  who use children  below  the voting  age to make  their  crowds  appear  big since the school  going  age  is vulnerable  to deceit.

He says that they already have reports  of school  going  age  youths  riding  on motorcycle with affixed  registration  numbers  and snatching  phone  and other  valuables from  gullible residents especially  along  Ngong  road.


“We helped  the government  in ensuring  100  percent  transition  is fully  implemented  in Kibera, but now, there  are tendency  of some joining political  groups or snatching  phones  from people  along Ngong Road. We are also aware and we urge  parents  to advise  their  children on the  repercussions  because  the security  team  will not hesitate  to take lawful  action  on such children,” said Lando.

According to Kibera Community Peace and Security Committee report, the government and other non-governmental organisations have done enough to ensure that children are in school.

“The parents need to understand that the burden are not fully in the government, it is cost sharing. The government pays for schools fees and that the role of the parents is uniform and food only. This has helped us ensure children go to school because if they don’t go to school they may join criminal groups,” he added.

By Rodgers  Oduor