Park Road Badgers Defy All Odds In Becoming Hockey Giants

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Hockey the game of strategy has been the great plan for Park Road Badgers and they plan to continue with the same trick even in practice as they wait for the second leg draws of the Kenya Hockey Super league to be out.

Park Road Badgers are hockey giants having completed top of the table in the first leg of the Kenya Hockey Union Super League with an unbeaten score of a difference of 12 points at the top of the table.

Assistant Captain Brian Mwangi of Park road Badgers says that badgers play hockey because of their love for the game and the spirit of team work and Harambee is what has made them stand all that time.

Despite all the glory, practicing has been a challenge for park road Badgers in terms of field because they have to share half of the pitch with teams practicing football which does not allow effective training.

“They are our brothers and we can’t deny them practice and yet the field is free. We are glad were have it , other hockey teams have to pay for fields in order to practice.” he adds. 

The main focus of Badgers is a good hockey game experience with one priority on money  when they need funding .

They don’t have specific Sponsers but they receive help from former players who were also team players.

Park road Badgers accept talent from anyone that shows potential and interest in hockey and has brought out international players such as Bila,David Omwaka aka Mbuyu and Cyrus Kanyi.

Brian says that Kenya has a lot of talent in terms of hockey but the only problem is the lack of resources to nature the talent.