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Pascal Tokodi receives backlash over his reaction after meeting president


Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi has received a backlash from a section of netizens following his reaction after randomly meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The star struck actor posted a video on his Instagram page showing him telling President Uhuru Kenyatta to watch the show Selina that he stars alongside other Kenyan actors.

“How are you sir? Oh my goodness!” Ona Selina! Ona Selina!” shouted the excited Tokodi.

To which the president reacted by waving back at him and telling him “Asante Nimeona.”

A section of Kenyans however expressed anger at Tokodi telling him that he should have used the opportunity to ask the president more important questions like when he is lifting the curfew.

Some Kenyans also defended Tokodi saying that he was right to ask the president to watch Selina since that is his hustle.

Tokodi has also responded to the comments saying he did what he could in the 15 seconds of meeting the president.

“Watu wanasema sijui ningeongelea curfew sijui all these other things…lakini hiyo 15 seconds mimi niliona nijitetee…”he stated.