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Passaris Planning To Invite Raila To Her Mkokoteni Launch – VIDEO


Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris has faced an online backlash after she shared a live video of her inspecting the fabrication of handcarts popularly known as mkokoteni meant for the youth.

The mkokoteni, according to Passaris will be distributed to youth groups across the county.

In the Twitter Video Passaris is seen talking to the fabricators telling them how they should make the mkokotenis look better for use by the youth who will get them.

“You know this mkokoteni launch will be big. I will even bring baba. I have talked to Mike Sonko as well and he will partner with me,” she said.

A section of netizens are however unhappy with passaris saying that no youth should be pulling a mkokoteni in this century like a mule.

Benji Ndolo a political analyst has described the hustle inhuman and labor reserved for convicts.

Others blasted her for not using her business wit to open business enterprises for the jobless graduates and instead reducing them to handcart drivers.

“Av said it before and those who know me know I’m vocal. No one should be pulling a mkokoteni in the 21ST CENTURY like a mule. It is inhuman, it is labor the kind of which is reserved for Robben Island life term convicts. That young leaders have no eyes or heart really HURTS,” said Benji Ndolo.

“Mama, umeamua tuvurutee tuu mikokoteni hata baada ya kuu graduate from college….Ni sawa tuu ….na ni za color pink…. Nù wega tuu!!” said Sammy Kamenya.

“Handcarts, HANDCARTS! Aki @EstherPassaris You have the capacity to do better than this! So Ma-youth waendelee kutumia nguvu na Technology inamwagika from the University students Wooooiii! I wonder what policies need to be made to help elected leaders to focus on 25 years from now,” Dan Atundo.