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Pastor arrested for pursuing fellow man for sex

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By Jacob Oluoch

A church pastor was on Friday arraigned in court after he was arrested for luring a fellow man for a sexual act.

Eric Osewe a pastor at the Maranatha Church was trapped and arrested after the man he was pursuing for sex reported the case to the police.

The man known as Walter says that the pastor has been sending him love messages requesting him for a meeting.

It is reported that Walter pleaded with the man of God to stop his quest for a relationship but all fell on deaf ears.

” I tried to stop him by asking him… “Do you know whom you are sending these messages to? I’m a fellow man.” He refused to listen ad he further stated that he is also a man but just wanted us to be in love. He further told me that sexual acts with females lead to HIV/AIDs but between us, there will be no AIDs,” explained Walter.

The purported messages forced him to seek assistance from the police with the help of his sister.

Walter further stated that he pleaded with the alleged man of God that he is not around but the man of God went ahead and booked a room for their special meeting.

“He gave me a date, but I never turned up, he planned for another day which forces me to report the matter to the police which we used to trap him,” he added.

The suspect was arraigned in Court on Friday where he was charged with indecent assault to a male person which is contrary to Sexual Act 165 and misuse of Telecommunication equipment.


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