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  • Pastor Kanyari goes for Nyashinski’s head!
  • In his comeback song ‘Now You Know’ Nyashinski called out the preacher for being a quack.
  • Kanyari further disclosed that at one time he wanted to be an entertainer before God led him to the pulpit.

Controversial city preacher Victor Kanyari now wants to pray for Nyashinski over his lyrics attacking him sang seven years ago in his comeback song ‘Now You Know’. In the song, ‘Now You Know’ Nyashinski affirms that he’s not lost like the seeds/mbegu sowed by Kanyari’s followers who ended up with premium tears.

“Naskia wakiuliza ule boy wetu alienda wapi amepotea ka zile mbegu watu walipanda na Kanyari yeah eeh!” partly sang Nyashinski.

Through a Tik Tok video, Kanyari downplays being behind fake miracles.

“Kuna mwimbaji anaitwa Nyashinski, anaitwa Nyashinki ama Nyasiski alisema ya kwamba eti watu wanasema nilipotea kama zile mbegu zilipotea na Kanyari, hakuna mbegu zilipotea na Kanyari” states Kanyari.

Kanyari further discloses being a fan of Nyashinski when he was still part of Kleptomaniacs despite being a preacher.

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He takes it to a crescendo by belting a few lines from Kleptomaniac’s all time hit ‘Tuendelee/Tusiendelee’.

“Tuendelee ama Tusiendelee hiyo wimbo ata mimi nilikuwa naipenda” continued Kanyari partly.

Known for his ‘310 mbegu’, he adds that at one time he also wanted to be an artiste like Nyashinski.

However, God had other plans and he ended up becoming a man of God.

Surprisingly, Kanyari oozed confidence affirming his new-found ‘holy power’ allowing him to uproot grass with ease.

“Ile annointing niko nayo iko na uwezo wa kung’oa mpaka nyasi” he disloses.

He further summons Nyashinski to lead anyone in need his way. He goes ahead to mention various ailments he’s capable of treating.

Even HIV/AIDS sees Kanyari and disappears within no minute huh!

Nyashinski performing during a past show PHOTO/GOOGLE


Fans Reactions

Kanyari who recently took Tik Tok by storm while asking for gifts has since set his bar high by picking on Nyashinski.

Netizens are continuing to draw laughter from Kanyari’s banter judging with how he struggles to mention Nyashinski.

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His whole narration is simply comical.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Wueh endelea na mambo ya mbegu acha kuguess majina hujui”

“Anajuaje wimbo na hajui jina ya artist”

“Nyasiski it is”

“Tik Tok taking over Kanyari’s head”




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