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Pastor Makes Congregants Drink Dettol

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dettol-pastor-725x5371From private part enlargement to spraying of doom on congregants for healing now another mad man masquerading as a man of God is at it again giving his sick congregants dettol to drink claiming that they would get healed.

Prophet Rufus Phala a south African pastor at AK Spiritual Christian Church in Makgodu, Limpopo, said that this were the instructions he got from ‘God’

“I know Dettol is harmful, but God instructed me to use it. I was the first one to drink it,” he claimed in a video published by The Sun.

The prophet claimed that he had received several messages from healed people expressing their strengthened faith and gratutude.

Dr Makhomisane, however, advised the people who drank the liquid to consult a doctor to check whether any damage was done.

Doctors have made it clear that consumption of dettol is fatal because if it reduces the oxygen levels in the body if absorbed.

What exactly do this pastors use to brain wash their follows to such stupid levels? Saitan is Real!!!

Mukami Kanyi


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