Pastor Ng’ang’a responds to rapper Snoop Dogg’s troll

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Controversial pastor James Ng’anga of Neno Evangelism Church has responded after being trolled by American rapper Snoop Dogg.

In a video that has since gone viral, Ng’ang’a asked the rapper to concentrate on his singing career.

“ Naskia nimetajwa huko na mtu mmoja anaitwa Smoonf dog, ambaye ni mtu mmoja mkubwa kama Michael Jackson. Naskia aliweka hio video akapata comments more than one million. Wewe smoonf dog endelea kuimba nyimbo zako za kimataifa achana na maneno yangu.” he said

The pastor’s response comes after the rapper shared one of his videos exorcising demons from his congregants.

Snoop captioned the video “When you’re late on the offering money.”

In the viral video, Ng’ang’a was seen hitting different people severally in the congregation on the forehead. The video started with Ng’ang’a slapping a young boy before turning to other members who were standing near the altar.