Pastor Nganga accuses the Kenya Kwanza regime of misleading the nation and using their respective positions of power for personal gains.

In Summary:

• Pastor Ng’ang’a accuses the government of leading the nation astray.

• He accuses the current leaders of using their positions to enrich themselves.

• The pastor warns that the day of reckoning is around the corner.

Pastor Nganga’s striking accusations against the Kenya Kwanza government has caused a stir among Kenyans. The controversial pastor has been known to be quite influential among many Kenyans making his statements hard to ignore.

Neno Evangelism Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Calling out The Regime.

Nganga’s primary concern is what he views as embezzlement of funds and lack of accountability in the Kenya Kwanza administration.

“You are misleading this Nation. The economy is already on its knees and you carry on to use public funds irresponsibly, I am speaking as a messenger of God,” said Pastor Nganga during his Sunday service.

Furthermore, Pastor Nganga claims that the government’s policies and decisions are driven not by the welfare of the Kenyan people but by personal vendettas to enriching a select few.

According to the pastor, the current leadership has shown a pattern of inconsiderate dealings, raising their own salaries and making the already hard life even harder for Kenyans with the constant hike in commodity prices.

Pastor Nganga arrives in court

“You constantly add prices to commodities while simultaneously adding your salaries and you allowances,” continued the self proclaimed chief messenger.

Intimidation tactics

Pastor Nganga also added that truth telling by men of the cloth is meet by threats of closure of their establishment and that he wasn’t intimidated by the threats at all. Quoting that the “iron” was indeed “in the fire”.

Apostle Ng’ang’a deep in prayer

“And when anyone tries to call you out on these transgressions you close their church. Come and close it down if you want! While I’m preaching, I’ll talk out and what is right I’ll speak that. This God you’re messing with will take you out,” said the cleric.

What do you think about Pastor Nganga’s decree, is he genuinely concerned about the state of the economy?

October 4, 2023

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