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Payment Controversies Mars Kazi Mtaani Jobs As Government Defends Itself


The Kazi Mtaani jobs  have caused a stir in  the manner in which youths are being paid after work with  many claiming that the payments are inconsistent  and have been  marred with delays.

According to those we spoke to in Mathare slums ,some have worked for the last 21 days but have only been paid for a week’s work a move that has left them demoralized.

‘‘We have worked tirelessly for the last three weeks, the government has only  paid one week  ..this is not fair we need this matter addressed because youths have no morale even as they continue working.’’ said an aggrieved youth

But the sentiments of delays in payment  have been dismissed by Principal secretary Jerome Ochieng who pointed  out that there are errors on the data submitted by the youth adding that they can’t do any transaction with incorrect data.

‘‘There is a  challenge with  details we  received..some of them their names do not tally with their Identification cards details and remember all these will be audited ..we urge them to give supervisors on ground correct and matching details…in some cases we have directed some youths to swear an affidavit.’’ He said.

Ochieng’ further asked those who have not started the program in areas such as Embakasi to stay calm and wait for major role out  that will happen soon.