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  • People hate our union, Esther Musila tells Guardian Angel.
  • Esther has encountered hateful comments on social media due to the her huge age difference with her man.
  • Guardian Angel has affirmed that he made a good choice in marrying Esther noting his growth.

Esther Musila has celebrated her 54th birthday while pointing out that some people still hate their union with Guardian Angel. Esther opined that hateful comments are still directed her way for marrying a younger man four years down the line.

According to Esther, the dissenting voices are of the opinion that she shouldn’t have said yes to Guardian Angel’s marriage proposal.

“There are a lot of people who feel that maybe when you asked me to marry you I should have said no, because I have seen those comments from them that maybe because I’m older than you I should have told you no” asserted Esther partly.

Esther further disclosed that meeting Guardian Angel was the best thing that ever happened to her life.

On the other hand, Guardian noted that by the time he was asking Esther to marry him they had been living together and he knew what he wanted.

However, Esther added that Guardian’s proposal took her by surprise.

Again, the proposal gave her an affirmation that Guardian was committed to a life-long partnership.

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I Made A Good Choice

Guardian Angel seemed unperturbed by the naysayers affirming that he made a good choice in marrying Esther.

The Swadakta hitmaker further disclosed loosing friends because of his dalliance with Esther. This also happened to Esther who lost a big chunk of her friends.

Looking back, Guardian noted that he has had immense growth in his life with Esther.


Guardian further ruled that he’s older enough to make his choices and people should stop meddling in his happiness.

“But whose time is being wasted in this case, I just think if I enjoy my time being wasted they should let me know, when I feel like I am not comfortable with my time being wasted I know the right decisions to make” explained Guardian partly.

The lovebirds further shared that they’re too busy building their lives and less concerned with what people say.

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